Lemonade For Concession Stands


Your concession stand is full of thirsty kids and adults. Why not give them something different other than the standard soda and fruit juice choices? Lemonade is cold, refreshing and tasty, appealing to the tastes of much of your demographic. If you’re the owner of a concession stand, you know how important it is to keep your guests hydrated. Selling ice cold lemonade from the best – Bill’s Lemonade – is a great way to do that. We invite you to sell our product at your concession stand and watch your profits add up. At only 140 calories per 32 oz. drink, parents won’t have any problem serving this to their kids. For a delicious treat, add Bill’s Lemonade stand for concession stand.

We are proud of our fine lemonade ingredients and equipment that help concession stand owners like you explore new avenues of making a profit. It’s the ideal complement to pizza, pretzels and popcorn (snacks you typically sell at your concession stand), so your customers will appreciate the additional option when they want something different.

Our CONCESSION STANDS Lemonade Stand Program

Our Bill’s Lemonade stand program gives you a high profit potential, and you can select which option would be best for your business model. Will you buy just the equipment and make the lemonade behind your own counters? Or will you purchase the whole aluminum cart and equipment? We’ll supply you with all you need to get started, such as souvenir cups and our special Bill’s Sugar Blend. Your customers will appreciate that this sugar blend dissolves right away so they don’t get a mouthful of sugar. Our equipment makes the perfect cup of lemonade, no matter what the size.

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