Fresh Lemonade Program

Bill’s Fresh Lemonade Program offers everything needed to make the freshest lemonade right in front of your customers!

Equipment Package

Bill’s BONUS Starter Pack above is included at NO CHARGE when you purchase a Fresh Equipment Package. This package is designed to help you recoup.

Includes: 360 Cups, Lids, Bill’s Sugar Blend, Straws, Container, Ice Scoop & Poster.

What makes Bill’s Lemonade so good and so special?  It’s our method of CRUSHING the whole lemon with Bill’s proprietary Sugar Blend, this is how we achieve that outstanding and unique flavor that’s in a Bill’s Lemonade.  You will hear, over and over from your customers that it is the best lemonade that have ever tasted!


We hear from people all the time who tell us Bill’s is the BEST! Our fresh lemonade is a satisfying treat for customers of all ages, who are looking for a refreshing drink without all of the calories or negative effects of many other soft drinks.


Our equipment, products and ingredients have all been assembled through years of research and development. We have taken the guesswork and inconsistencies out of the process and developed a simple way to make the very best single serving beverage on the market.


Most lemonade on the market averages 300 to 500 calories and includes half a cup of sugar. Even better, all this flavor and freshness is a low-sugar alternative to other sugary beverages with only 80 calories per 32 oz.


Our Fresh Equipment Package Includes:



Yellow Dome Shaker Lids (720/Case)


32oz Bill’s Lemonade Cups (360/Case)

20oz Metal Scoop

Sugar Blend Servings (360/Case)

Sugar Blend Container

1 Case Green Straws (3 Boxes of 500)