Bubbler Lemonade Program

Packed with real fruits & big profits for you!

Bubbler Program

The Bill’s Lemonade Bubbler program is a one-time purchase of everything you need to make our Bubbler Lemonade at your business. This powdered mix is designed to be used with a soda fountain machine, also known as a “bubbler,” to make carbonated lemonade. The program allows customers to enjoy a variety of flavors and customize their deliveries to fit their schedule.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

HUGE Profits

Only 3 cents per ounce – available in Classic Lemon and Strawberry

Customers Love It!

Low in Sugar – made with Cane Sugar & Splenda – only 100 calories in 30 oz. serving. 

Taste the Difference

Made with REAL lemons with a juice content of 13%

It’s SO Easy

This premix system is so SIMPLE. Just mix the Bubbler Lemonade Mix with 2 gallons of water in our easy-to-use jugs and add to your bubbler unit.



Lemonade Bubbler Mix (24 gallons)

Strawberry Lemonade Bubbler Mix (24 gallons)

30 oz. Bill’s Cold Cup (250/Case)

20 oz. Cold Cup (250/Case)

30 oz. Lids (250/Case)

20 oz. Lids (250/Case)

Mixing Jug

Bubbler Starter Pack Available in Single, Double & Triple Bowl


Single Bowl Bubbler

Double Bowl Bubbler

Triple Bowl Bubbler

Dispensing Unit