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Simply Lemonade

Our Product Rivals Simply Lemonade

Perhaps you’ve always picked up a jug of Simply Lemonade at the grocery store to enjoy throughout the week. It’s probably been pretty convenient. But maybe lately you’ve been noticing it just doesn’t have that fresh squeezed taste. It’s time to try something that tastes better and that you can make from scratch at home. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s superior to all those other brands out there. Perhaps it’s time to make our world-famous Bill’s Lemonade at home. It tastes far better than Simply Lemonade and is better for you too. Plus, with our custom packages, you can choose the amount of servings you need depending on the nature of your party or fundraiser.

You already know how great a cup of Bill’s Lemonade tastes from all those amusement parks and zoos you see us at. Now, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home whenever you want it. With several options available, you get everything you need in one package. Plus, we give you standard lemonade cups or hard lemonade cups to distinguish between family-friendly events and adult parties that involve alcohol. Looking for a better product than Simply Lemonade? Read on.

Choose a Package

Whether you have a backyard cookout on the agenda or you plan to make a big batch for the neighborhood, Bill’s Lemonade is the perfect thirst quencher. Here’s a look at what we offer.

Family Pack (24 Servings)

$27.99 + Shipping

  • 24 – Bill’s Lemonade Cups or HARD Lemonade Cups
  • 24 – Bill’s Lemonade Dome Lids
  • A Sugar Scooper
  • A Muddler (for crushing)
  • 24 – Servings of Sugar Blend
  • 24 – Green Straws

Event / Fundraiser Pack (96 Servings)

$99.96 + Shipping

  • 96 – Bill’s Lemonade Cups or HARD Lemonade Cups
  • 96 – Bill’s Lemonade Dome Lids
  • A Sugar Scooper
  • A Muddler (for crushing)
  • 96 – Servings of Sugar Blend
  • 96 – Green Straws

Party Pack (48 Servings)

$49.98 + Shipping

  • 48 – Bill’s Lemonade Cups or HARD Lemonade Cups
  • 48 – Bill’s Lemonade Dome Lids
  • A Sugar Scooper
  • A Muddler (for crushing)
  • 48 – Servings of Sugar Blend
  • 48 – Green Straws

Bill’s Sugar Blend

Plus Shipping

  • 48 Servings – $16.99
  • 120 Servings – $42.99
  • 240 Servings – $76.99

Bill’s “World Famous” Lemonade first popped up at various county fairs and festivals 60 years ago. Today, you can still rely on us to give you that same refreshing, sweet taste of perfection. And at just 140 calories per 32 oz. drink, you can feel good about choosing Bill’s Lemonade.

Contact Bill’s Lemonade Today

Contact Bill’s Lemonade for a refreshing alternative to Simply Lemonade. Order your package by calling us at 309-339-3860 or emailing us at orders@billslemonade.com.