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Bill’s Sugar Blend

Bill's Sugar Blend and CupBill's Sugar Blend

Bill’s Sugar Blend is a high quality proprietary sugar blend.

What sets us apart from all those other lemonades is the fact that our sugar blend is only 100 calories! Low calorie counts are HUGE in today’s market.

Our secret is 3-fold:

Take a Fresh Sunkist lemon and Bill’s Sugar Blend.
Cut and mix the ingredients together with our specially designed equipment, and you’ll do it in front of your customer’s eyes.

It’s that simple.
The world’s best Lemonade.

  • Low in Sugar
  • 100 calories per 32 oz serving
  • Packaged in 2 – 7lbs. bags per box
  • 240 count servings per box
  • Dissolves Instantly in our simple lemonade
  • Doesn’t get heavy or syrupy like most sugary drinks