Bill’s Sugar Blend

Bill’s Sugar Blend is a high quality proprietary sugar blend with a small amount of Splenda which gives you great taste and flavor for only 80 calories per 32oz. serving.

More and more consumers are looking to cut back on their sugar intake. which is understandable considering the adverse effects associated with the substance. Unfortunately, the majority of lemonades currently on the market include 500 to 600 calories and half a cup of sugar per serving. For many, this is simply too much to handle.

Bill’s Lemonade, on the other hand, features less sugar and just 80 calories per 32 oz. serving. Low calorie counts are HUGE in today’s market.

It is the perfect blend of Pure Cane Sugar and a small amount of Splenda.

Furthermore, our product is delicious, refreshing and lighter than most soft drinks available at local restaurants.

You simply cannot beat such quality!