Bill’s Frozen Lemonade

Bill’s Frozen Lemonade

So Simple; Mix Bill’s Frozen Lemonade Base with just water.

Draw customers and increase sales with this On-Trend Beverage Line.

Attract new demographics over carbonated soft drinks.

Single Frozen Lemonade Dispenser
Double Frozen Lemonade Dispenser

Single Frozen Dispenser Equipment Package

Double Frozen Dispenser Equipment Package


  • Serve Bill’s Frozen Lemonades.
  • Draw customers and increase sales with FLavorlight illuminating the frozen beverage and the backlit headers.
  • The compact model 3311 takes only 13″ (33cm) of counter space, and produces more than double the output capacity of visual freezers.
  • “Mix Low” indicator light enables users to refill product before it empties.
  • Freezing cylinder automatically refills from the refrigerated storage hopper, so there is no need to wait for product to refreeze after refilling.
  • Reliable consistency control dispenses perfect product under all operating conditions.
  • Heavy duty components, belt driven design, and steel frame provide lasting commercial usage.

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