Welcome To Bill's Lemonade

Our Lemonade Story

In today’s world, to be successful in business, you have to sell high quality merchandise, and Bill’s Lemonade does just that! We take great pride in being a company committed to selling the finest lemonade equipment and ingredients. At Bill’s, we offer fresh squeezed lemonade every day of the year to businesses looking to expand their drink menu options and provide a refreshing beverage for the summer. That’s the only way to make sure we continue to make the very best healthy lemonade on the market.

A Classic Drink for Everyone!

We appeal to both younger and older customers who are looking for a refreshing drink without all of the calories and negative effects of many other soft drinks. Our low sugar lemonade is great for all ages. A 32 oz. serving of our signature drink has only 140 calories. At Bill’s, we offer a high-quality, fresh squeezed lemonade without sugar. Sunkist has been an instant brand partner for us, not only in the lemon quality side of our products, but also in providing equipment used to make our products. Real lemon juice lemonade fits the bill, offering endless possibilities enjoyment during the summer. Our lemonade party supplies include a variety of cups, products, and ingredients to make your party a hit with every crowd that arrives. Our lemonade stand supplies options range from simple equipment packages to an entire aluminum cart package. You can sell our products wherever there’s a crowd of thirsty people. Bill’s Lemonade is great for:

Sweet Success

Our processes, and fresh squeezed lemonade equipment received a great level of interest at the 2012 National Restaurant Association Show; in fact, we were voted one of the “Top Five New Concepts” at the show. We received tremendous reception again in 2013.

A History of Quality

Bill’s “World Famous” Lemonade was first sold at county fairs and festivals by a man named Bill and his wife. From the very start they used a unique process which they perfected, combining select ingredients and a handmade touch to create the best fresh lemonade and the best lemonade shake up equipment. As the best lemonade brand today, Bill’s is proud to continuing offering an unparalleled level of service for your customers.

For over 60 years, countless numbers of competitors have tried to duplicate this product and have always fallen short. People that buy our products year after year always come back claiming we have the best fresh squeezed lemonade they have ever tasted.