5ft Custom Lemonade Workstation
Special Sugar Blend
Low Sugar, Low Calorie - FRESH Lemonade
No Electricity Needed to Make the Best Lemonade Right in Front of Your Customers!!!
Now You Can Also Make Bill's Hard Lemonade With Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Added
Always Fresh!
Completely Portable!
Simple and Cost-Effective!
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Bill's Lemonade Easy Program

Why You Should Join?
Bill's Lemonade Easy Program offers many advantages including:
  • Bill's Sugar Blend that is 140 calories, dissolves instantly, and never gets heavy and syrupy like most sugary drinks.
  • Specially designed equipment that is totally portable and requires no electricity.
  • Bill's Lemonade can provide profit margins as high as 70%
  • Able to make Fresh Lemonade right in front of your customers' eyes within seconds.
  • Able to recoup your costs in selling as little as 360 32oz Lemonades

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